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video the democratic plan Steve Davisthe 2012-02-24 11:17 AM
the part Obama won't tell you (video/x-ms-wmv)

video Illustrated: How To Detect Infiltrators and Observe Covert Police Misconduct Sophia Magdalena Scholl 2011-04-14 12:15 PM
This article discusses how to detect police spies, in the flesh, in their vehicles and how to observe their tactics, as well as a historical perspective on the use of spies. It is also very critical of community policing groups like Cellular On Patrol and the alumni of the FBI's National Citizens' Academy, who practice harassment tactics against American citizens, sometimes to the point where their victims commit suicide. (video/x-msvideo)

video VIDEO: West End Bridge Banner Drop A 2009-09-23 4:43 PM
Excerpt from a live video feed stream liberated from a corporate media web site via flip for mac software and complied into MOV quicktime format. (video/quicktime)

video Drones vs. Environmentalists Ammon Hennacy 2009-04-06 2:34 AM
Nevada Desert Experience continues to host prayer-actions in the desert for peace, in opposition to drone warfare and nuclear proliferation. Video clips are less than 30 seconds. (video/mpeg)

video Kennyhendrick Kenny Hendrick 2009-04-02 2:25 AM
We all, irregardless of our forced pledging of allegiance, are sick....mentally (media and school helped to fill the limited capacity of the brain with slanted and foolish my opinion). With it being filled with crap there's no room for reason. By not informing the children of the real facts that our own government (or it's "sponsors") murdered all those American heroes, the minds of the people have been altered. Is murder really that glamorous anyway? Please think about that last sentence while you watch that crap they put on television and the "news". Do you as a parent still give tacit acquiesence by passing that kid off to the "schools" to get "education"? (video/x-ms-wmv + 1 comment)

video Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin Germany Fountainhead 2008-06-08 1:30 AM
An overview of intercultural undertakings in Berlin Germany. (video/x-ms-wmv + 2 comments)

video NEW VIDEOS: Tom Morello for Mumia, McMahon Training Video on Racist Jury Selection, and... Journalists for Mumia 2007-11-09 9:09 AM
We have just started our own <a href="">Journalists for Mumia You Tube Page </a>, are releasing two new videos, and have created a VIDEO section at, which features films about Mumia, COINTELPRO, The Black Panther Party, militarism, media censorship, and more. <a href="">CHECK IT OUT!</a> (video/x-msvideo)

video BASTILLE DAY in Harrisburg with Ramona Africa: Paroling the MOVE 9 in 2008 BE47 2007-07-16 11:25 AM
Ramona Africa spoke in Harrisburg on July 14, "Bastille Day." She gave a wonderful history of the MOVE organization and gave a clear description of why the eight surviving MOVE 9 prisoners must be released from Pennsylvania's prison system in 2008. And why they need to be granted a new, fair trial. They have all been in jail for 300 years for one bullet, the sentencing judge admits he has no idea who who fired it. Yet they are all serving his 30-100 years sentence. Many are certain the bullet was actually fired by police, a horrible instance of "friendly fire." This "bastille Day" talk by Ramona is one of the best talks I have ever heard her give [and she sets a pretty high standard!]. Full extended versions of this talk should be available soon on CD. But for now, if you missed her talk, stream this! Peace if you can help finance the MOVE 9 legal defense, please make checks out to "MOVE." the address is: MOVE P.O. Box 19709  Philadelphia, PA 19143 (video/quicktime + 2 comments)

video 1 - @andalusi@ The Baglady Miguel Rojas Sotelo 2007-06-09 9:49 PM
Short video on the artistic practices of an (i)ndy media artist-activist. The video functions as a pseudo portrait of an imaginary-real artist that deals with a counter systemic way to produce art and communication in a urban setting in contemporary United States. (Duration: 30 min) (video/quicktime)

video Continental Tire's Attack on Retired Union Workers in the US United Steelworkers 2007-04-20 9:39 PM
After stopping tire production at its two remaining unionized facilities in the United States in 2006, Continental Tire of North America has dramatically reduced payments for retiree health care in the United States. The following is a brief description of the impact these cuts are having on retirees. (video/x-ms-wmv)

video Northwest Airlines Profiling Attack Samizdat 2007-02-12 1:46 PM
Aaron James exposes police repression and state terror. (video/x-ms-wmv)

video Rustbelt TV for December 2006 Rustbelt TV - Pittsburgh Indymedia 2007-01-28 6:18 PM
On this show... * anti-nuclear activists denounce military contractor Bechtel's local operations * participants in the wheels of justice tour speak in Pittsburgh about their recent trips to Iraq and Palestine * the student-farmworker alliance protests McDonald's in Oakland * Tazers and Lies * the struggle to rebuild New Orleans East * taking back the media in Oaxaca * and a preview of the upcoming film Slingshot Hip Hop also, see downloadable MPEG versions from: (video/x-ogg)

video Save Our Transit Jamie Walker 2007-01-28 6:14 PM
On January 22, 2007, over a hundred Pittsburghers rallied together to protest the proposed Port Authority Transit service cuts. Facing a deficit of $80 million, the Pittsburgh Port Authority plans to cut services by 25%, eliminating 222 bus and rail routes entirely. They also plan to raise fares by as much as 75 cents and to cut the jobs of 400 transit workers by June 2007. Help spread the message to our politicians that Pennsylvania needs more funding instead of stranding thousands of Pittsburgh riders without public transportation. Edited Video of Rally and Public Hearing - 4 minutes (video/mpeg + 5 comments)

video Wheels of Justice Tour Rob Cullen 2007-01-20 3:15 PM
Video of the Wheels of Justice Tour's stop at Carnegie Mellon. Twyla Miller spoke about her experiences in Palestine and Jou Mueller talked about his trip to Iraq in 2005. (video/quicktime)

video March against Bechtel/interview with Antonia Juhasz Ron Douglas 2007-01-20 2:54 PM
Video of August 6 protest against Bechtel Corporation, with an interview with author Antonio Juhasz, author of The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time. (video/quicktime)

video Brad Will's final video from Oaxaca indyoax 2006-10-29 1:46 AM
Men armed to the service of Ulises Ruiz attacked one of the barricades installed in the Calicanto colony, near the municipality of Santa Lucia. During the armed aggression several people were wounded and Bradley Will died after receiving a shot in the abdomen. This edit corresponds to last fragments of video that the indymedia reporter made minutes before being assassinated by the agents of the governor of Oaxaca Ulises Ruiz. (video/mpeg + 2 comments)

video Oct 27 Protest at McDonalds Pgh Imc Video Collective 2006-10-28 7:59 PM
Video from Student/Farmworker Alliance at McDonalds near the University of Pittsburgh on October 27th. (video/quicktime + 4 comments)

video Pittsburgh Web Series Kicks Off Season 4 Erik Schark 2006-09-06 12:24 PM
Pittsburgh-based web series "Something To Be Desired" Season 4 Promo, 2:45 (video/quicktime)

video Rustbelt TV for Summer 2006 Rustbelt TV, Pittsburgh IMC video collective 2006-08-27 8:38 PM
Pittsburgh Indymedia presents a new edition of Rustbelt TV - news from the grassroots - featuring these stories and more: * Anti Sweatshop activists hold a carnival for workers rights during the All Star Game * Cyclists celebrate as they ride in Critical Mass, a monthly bike ride * Surviving in an Asian Megacity- a video about life in Jakarta * Prometheus Radio holds a station barnraising in Tennessee * Evo Morales is elected as the first Indigenous president in Latin America (video/x-ogg + 1 comment)

video 9/11 Worldwide Concert Event Expresses the Vision of Radical Unity through Music Ben Dameean 2006-08-16 12:24 PM
The Wake-Up-America, Wake-Up-World, Radical Unity Tour featuring a free streaming worldwide live webcast on from Future Studios Performance Venue in Sedona, Arizona at 7 P.M. Pacific / 10 P.M. Eastern time. Included is a 60 second video clip. (video/quicktime)

video All Star Game Anti-Sweatshop March and Carnival (avi) Rob Cullen 2006-07-19 12:35 PM
Edited video of an anti-sweatshop rally and protest at the All Star Game on July 11 at PNC Park. Video is in two different formats and run time is 3:39. (video/x-msvideo + 2 comments)

video Pittsburgh Critical Mass Video June 2006 (avi) Rob Cullen 2006-07-15 9:44 PM
Edited 8:13 video of June 2006's Critical Mass ride that was part of Pittsburgh Bikefest. With interviews, music, and a ton of bikes. (video/x-msvideo + 1 comment)

video Gold Star Families visit Pittsburgh Pittsburgh IMC Video Collective 2005-09-11 11:19 PM
Cindy Sheehan and other Gold Star Families for Peace members visit Pittsburgh for a rally and march. (video/quicktime + 1 comment)

video Some more images from Military Recruitment Station Shutdown af 2005-08-21 11:55 PM
Pics and a short video [22 sec] of protest, cops, and police dog (video/x-msvideo + 8 comments)

video police brutality video clips: tasers and dogs used on protestors rh/mt 2005-08-20 9:01 PM
two video clips from Saturday August 20, 2005. anti-recruiting protest on forbes. (video/quicktime + 243 comments)

video Pittsburgh Critical Mass video (quicktime mov) Matt Toups 2005-07-06 6:52 PM
Edited video of June 2005's Critical Mass ride in Pittsburgh. 250+ riders! interviews and music. Click on the video link below to watch or download. (quicktime version) (video/quicktime)

video Make Visible What's Happening snowshoefilms 2005-07-06 3:24 PM
Part 4 of a series of interviews with Dr. Rosalie Bertell. "I think the ordinary person if they acutally know that thier [useable] air and thier land and water is disappearing would be concerned... Our major job is to make visible what's happening document it as best we can and let people see." Dr. Bertell talks about the threats to the planet. An environmental epidemiologist for nearly 40 years, she's also a member of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart. She is what's known as a credible source, someone who should be listened to carefully. Parts 1, 2 and 3 online at (video/quicktime)

video Pittsburgh Critical Mass video (avi) Matt Toups 2005-07-06 10:54 AM
Edited video of June 2005's Critical Mass ride in Pittsburgh. 250+ riders! interviews and music. Click on the video link below to watch or download. (video/x-msvideo + 5 comments)

video Mike Benedict for Erie PA City Council snowshoefilms 2005-05-03 2:03 PM
Mike Benedict for Erie City Council "Healthcare bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in this country.. the wealthiest country in the world where we pay more for healthcare than any country.. the reason we pay so much is because of greed, and because of profits. You have patients and you have doctors and in between those you have literally thousands of insurance companies all trying to get a piece of the pie" Running for City Council Mike is standing up to Healthcare insurance companies for the people. April 2005 13min (video/x-ms-wmv + 1 comment)

video Counter Recruiting potential KBR overseas employees HGAC 2005-04-15 11:46 AM
Counter-recruitment of potential Halliburton/KBR employess continued today at an "overseas job fair" at the main KBR campus in Houston, Texas. (video/quicktime + 1 comment)

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