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text Book Review: "The Victory of Capital" by Ulrike Herrmann Wolfgang Lieb 2013-12-10 2:34 PM
A society can only provide for the future by investing today in the production of tomorrow...What may be sensible economically for a private household or individual business could be harmful for the national economy, particularly when the economy staggers...The state can act as an investor, create demand and thus stimulate the economy. (text/plain)

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text The Beatles caused the disintegration of Mankind Peter W. 2013-07-13 7:52 PM
EVERYTHING (text/plain)

text How Egypt Killed Political Islam Shamus Cooke 2013-07-07 1:01 PM
The rebirth of the Egyptian revolution ushered in the death of the first Muslim Brotherhood government. But some near-sighted analysts limit the events of Egypt to a military coup. Yes, the military is desperately trying to stay relevant — given the enormous initiative of the Egyptian masses — but the generals realize their own limitations in this context better than anybody else. This wasn’t a mere re-shuffling at the top of society, but a flood from the bottom. (text/plain)

text Europe Cravenly Colluding with U.S. in Criminality Finian Cunningham 2013-07-07 3:21 AM
It is hard to know which is the more outrageous: the US government’s forced landing this week of the Bolivian President Evo Morales’ official jet in Europe; or the European authorities’ compliance with the Americans in their act of international piracy. (text/html)

text Who Is An Objective Journalist? Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer 2013-07-04 6:24 AM
In a recent New York Times article article David Carr questioned whether someone could be both a journalist and an activist, a question that was prompted by the role of Glenn Greenwald, a writer for The Guardian and a political activist, in reporting on Edward Snowden’s National Security Agency leaks. (text/plain)

text How Edward Snowden and Syria Will Change Obama’s Foreign Policy Shamus Cooke 2013-07-04 5:42 AM
When the National Security Agency (NSA) spying scandal broke, so did the illusion that President Obama was significantly different than his predecessor, Bush Jr. Obama’s meticulously crafted image was specifically created as an alternative to Bush: Obama campaigned as a peace candidate who loved civil liberties and wanted to work with the UN instead of unilaterally launching wars. (text/plain)

text Karl Marx Birthday WorkersAction 2013-05-07 3:48 PM
May 5th was the birth date of Karl Marx, one of humanity’s most influential theorists. (text/plain)

text We live in a world of immorality and rising criminality. Consuelo 2013-05-07 3:30 PM
We feel the repercussions on a daily basis. We live in a world of immorality and rising criminality. (text/plain)

text The Onion Website Joins the U.S. Anti-Syria Club Shamus Cooke 2013-05-04 8:05 AM
The Onion is the most famous fake news website in the world, adored by millions who visit the site regularly for a cheap laugh as well as sharp political satire. But even fake news has certain responsibilities. (text/plain)

text A letter: Neoliberal Absolutism and global ethical individual rights plan for youth. Anthony Ravlich 2013-05-02 5:15 PM
A plan for youth who are being subjected to global mass discrimination. I have written much about the plan, global ethical human rights. The following just contains a brief description as well as a brief description of neoliberal absolutism which involves very extreme top-down control to deny individual rights. (text/plain)

text ASOCHIVIDA defends dialogue and understanding with Nicaragua Sugar Estela Cruz 2013-04-19 10:17 PM
Chichigalpa Association for Life (ASOCHIVIDA), the most representative organization of persons with chronic renal insufficiency (CRI) of the country, recently ratified its commitment to continue the dialogue process established with Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited (NSEL), a company of Grupo Pellas. (text/plain)

text Mirror images and ideological straitjackets on the path from Solidarity to sellout Systemic Disorder 2013-04-18 5:24 PM
A particularly harsh brand of capitalism was instituted via shock therapy in Poland, against the repeatedly expressed will of Poles. Unemployment, severe wage cuts and a growth in poverty were the results, just as with today’s austerity programs. (text/plain)

text Who Will Save Social Security and Medicare? Shamus Cooke 2013-04-10 5:48 AM
Before Social Security and Medicare existed, the elderly were either completely dependent on their children or were left to beg in the streets. These programs thus remain sacred to the vast majority of Americans. They allow the elderly dignity and independence instead of poverty and insecurity. (text/plain)

text BlackBerry Z10 Accessories Beau Smith 2013-04-05 4:48 AM
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text ASOCHIVIDA asks respect to Fundación La Isla Emmanuel Rodríguez 2013-04-03 9:53 PM
Chichigalpa Association for Life (ASOCHIVIDA), the most representative organization of persons with chronic renal insufficiency (CRI) of the country, said that Fundación La Isla, an NGO that has self-proclaimed itself as defender of CRI patients, is promoting division and confrontation among members of the Association. (text/plain)

text A Curious New York Times Article on Teacher Evaluations Ann Robertson and Bill Leumer 2013-04-03 3:33 PM
A recent New York Times article, “Curious Grade For Teachers: Nearly All Pass,” finds incredulous the idea that, “In Florida, 97 percent of teachers were deemed effective or highly effective in the most recent evaluations.” The author goes on to cite similar percentages in other states and concludes: “The teachers might be rated all above average, like students in Lake Wobegon, for the same reason that the older evaluation methods were considered lacking.” In other words, the teachers score well because the measuring standard is flawed. And this conclusion is reinforced by the observation that teachers’ high marks were achieved “even when students were falling behind.” (text/plain)

text How Obama Chose War Over Peace in Syria Shamus Cooke 2013-03-30 8:03 AM
With Syria on the brink of national genocide, outside nations have only two options: help reverse the catastrophe or plunge this torn nation deeper into the abyss. Countries can either work towards a peaceful political solution or they can continue to pour money, guns, and fighters into the country to ensure a steady gushing into the bloodbath. (text/plain)

text Little Mallet DorotyPerez 2013-03-26 7:57 AM
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text Detroit Citizen’s Prepare to Fight Their Corporate Master Mark Vorpahl 2013-03-20 8:15 AM
Fresh from shoving his “Right to Work for Less” legislation down the throats of Michigan’s workers, Governor Rick Snyder has grown bolder in pursuing a corporate agenda. He has now appointed Kevyn Orr of Jones Day law firm to act as an Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) of Detroit. (text/html)

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text Based On What We Believe Sudhama Ranganathan 2012-01-04 2:23 PM
Last night Republicans in Iowa showed they believe Mitt Romney to be the best candidate to go up against President Obama in 2012. But it wasn't an easy victory for the man most believe to be the GOP establishment pick. He won by the slimmest of margins and could have very easily lost to Rick Santorum had a few more sof the votes gone the former Senator's way. People came out in support of Santorum in part due to his strong Christian conservative values, his stance on the increasing defense spending, his opposition to gay marriage, his anti-abortion stance and more.</ (text/html)

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